Funegosyo Show #1 – How to Compete Against Huge Coffee Shop Chains, with Ros Juan of Commune

Ros Juan, CEO of Commune


Do you dream of putting up a coffee shop? Or maybe a restaurant? Then you’ll love this episode!

Ros Juan, a coffee-lover turned cafe owner, is the CEO of Commune, an artsy, homey cafe in Makati City.

In this interview, she (despite being mega-busy during the time I visited) generously shared the lessons she learned from starting a coffee shop from scratch.

She also revealed some of her tactics on how to compete in a very competitive industry.

Listen in and remember that whatever business you’re in, you will gather a heap of “tried and tested” business concepts from this episode.

A little warning: We chatted inside Commune during semi-peak hours, so you will hear a great deal of background noise. Just pretend that you’re eavesdropping on a conversation, and your brain will quickly tune out the noise and command your ears to zero in on the chat. That trick works like magic, I tell you! 😀