Funegosyo Show #5 – How One of the Most Influential People on the Internet Builds His Team, With Matt Mullenweg of Automattic

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic

In this episode, we have the show’s first billionaire guest. We’re talking about several million US dollars in net worth, equivalent to a few billion Philippine pesos. So yeah, he qualifies as a billionaire in the Philippines.

Matt Mullenweg is best known as the co-creator of WordPress, which is the godfather of blogging platforms. WordPress powers over 22% of the entire Internet!

Matt is the founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

Just to put things in perspective, Automattic is now valued at over 1 Billion Dollars!

One Billion Dollars - Dr. Evil


His personal blog is

In this short episode, we’ll learn:

  • Why the founder of a company doesn’t have to be the CEO right away
  • His vision for his company, encapsulated in this quote:
    We don’t make more blogs to make more money, we _____”
  • How he sets his mindset to push himself and his company forward, despite being number 1.
  • What he looks for in team members, and how involved he is in the process even as the CEO
  • Common mistake of entrepreneurs when hiring employees.
  • Plus a bunch of other tidbits.

And we have a new segment on the show, the …
Word of the Episode“:
ephemeral (adjective) – lasting for a very short time; short-lived

Keep your ears ready for that word, Matt used it in a sentence.


Funegosyo Show #4a – Bonus Stories and Ideas, Plus A Potential Project To Benefit Aspiring Authors, With Eden Alemania-Dayrit of Books Please

Eden Alemania-Dayrit

This is a bonus recording of my chat with Eden Alemania-Dayrit, owner of Books Please book shop. The main episode is at

What happened was, after the “main interview”, I kept the recorder on, and we continued to chat for an extra hour!

But I cut out half of the chat, as most of them were inside jokes. 😀

You’ll hear more stories about:

  • Two untapped book niches that she plans to explore
  • How she solves business problems
  • How her mastermind groups work
  • And… you’ll hear us trying to give birth to a new project to help aspiring authors finally write their first book

Funegosyo Show #4 – How Running A Teeny-tiny Bookshop Can Open Doors To Other Lucrative Opportunities, With Eden Alemania-Dayrit of Books Please

Eden Alemania-Dayrit, Owner of Books Please

In this episode, we’ll learn from Eden Alemania-Dayrit, a bright young serial entrepreneur. Owner of 3 businesses… and counting!

Together, we’ll discover:

  • The turning point that made Eden decide to quit her job and get into entrepreneurship
  • How she started her bookshop, amusingly named “Books Please”
  • The various opportunities that opened up because of this small book shop
  • The major factor that practically eliminated her cashflow problems
  • How she divides her time among her different businesses
  • And so much more!


Funegosyo Show #3 – How to Recruit, Retain, and Motivate Good Employees the Shakey’s Way with Vic Gregorio and Jorge Concepcion

Shakey's Philippines Jorge Concepcion and Vic Gregorio

In this yummy episode I chatted with 2 key people from Shakey’s Philippines: Vic Gregorio, the CEO; and Jorge Concepcion, the General Manager.

Learn how the Shakey’s officers:

  • hire, develop, and retain employees
  • aim to be the employer of choice
  • enhance the fun family brand,
  • minimize the impact of mistakes,
  • enhance their key strategic driver
  • extend their brand by supporting a group that used to get so little attention

Plus… I’m having a pizza delivered to one (or maybe two) listeners who fill out this micro survey:

Funegosyo Show #2 – Not-So-Obvious Social Media Marketing Tactics, with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva

Guy Kawasaki is one of the most recognizable people in the technology world, having been around computers and tech stuff since the 80s.

From being the Chief Evangelist of Apple… to starting a bunch of companies… to writing over a dozen books… speaking on hundreds of stages… and now as Chief Evangelist of Canva… Whew! Let’s just say he knows a heck of a lot about the tech realm!

In this short episode, we’ll learn:

  • Why images & graphics are important in social media marketing
  • Why news channels like CNN repeat stories, and how Guy applies the same principle in his marketing efforts
  • His insight on something more important than “planning” when it comes to pitching to investors.
  • … and of course, I’ll use the well-loved cliché: “and so much more!”

The interview was too short! I wish I had more time to chat with Guy.

What other questions should I have asked him? Please tell me, I’ll ask him when I get the chance…  🙂

Funegosyo Show #1 – How to Compete Against Huge Coffee Shop Chains, with Ros Juan of Commune

Ros Juan, CEO of Commune

Do you dream of putting up a coffee shop? Or maybe a restaurant? Then you’ll love this episode!

Ros Juan, a coffee-lover turned cafe owner, is the CEO of Commune, an artsy, homey cafe in Makati City.

In this interview, she (despite being mega-busy during the time I visited) generously shared the lessons she learned from starting a coffee shop from scratch.

She also revealed some of her tactics on how to compete in a very competitive industry.

Listen in and remember that whatever business you’re in, you will gather a heap of “tried and tested” business concepts from this episode.

A little warning: We chatted inside Commune during semi-peak hours, so you will hear a great deal of background noise. Just pretend that you’re eavesdropping on a conversation, and your brain will quickly tune out the noise and command your ears to zero in on the chat. That trick works like magic, I tell you! 😀


Episode Zero! Is The Funegosyo Show Right for You?


fün is the secret sauce of awesome businesses!

Welcome to Episode Zero of the Funegosyo Show!

In this short introductory episode, you’ll find out if the is right for you.

Plus, I subtly share the secret of my creativity in coming up with business ideas and solutions when consulting with clients. Keep your ears open for that! 😀